BTS Members Ideal Types *2018* Do You Fit Their Types?


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Keep it in mind everyone that ideal types can change throughout the years to come 🤤  


Height: around 164cm -170cm

Weight: around 50kg

Type of nationality: A girl from the USA

He wants to get married around: 32-33 years old

3 Kids: 2 boys and 1 girl.

1) A girl with long straight and sexy hair who can converse with him for a very long time.

2) A very smart girl who can take care of her hygiene and her looks.

4) A girl that loves to read and always has new ideas, he also likes a girl who would catch his attention in a smart way.

5) She has to have pale skin who looks good with red high converses, denim jeans white shirt/shorts.

6) A typical girl who really enjoys her moments with him all the time. skinship is a plus because he likes very soft kisses, hugs and really enjoys a light conversation with laughter.

7) Has to have respect with his personal space and love for his music.

8) He also really likes skinship when it’s private or public.

9) Someone who would go shopping with him and have fabulous conversations about his love for fashion.

10) He said he hates girls who smokes and parties very often. A lovely, kind, and simple girl is what he prefers.



Age: between 1980-1998

Height: around 158cm -164cm

Weight: around 45kg

4 kids: would like 2 girls and 2 boys

He said marriage would have to be around when he is 100 years old.

Type of nationality: A girl from Japan.

1) Someone who can cherish every moment with him.

2) A girl who is casual with minimal bling, not too fashionable. Someone who is simple and yet attractive in her ways.

3) Someone who can support him all the way in his decision makings.

4) A beautiful lady who can cook a scrumptious meal.

5) A girl that doesn’t need to have common interests with him, as long as she has a kind heart that can love him.

6) A girl who does not really have to be appealing but a foreigner would be a plus since trying a new language is what he wants.

7) Someone who is positive no matter how negative the situation is.

8) Someone who will always think of him even though he is away on a tour.

9) Someone who can be flirtatious with him even in public places.

10) A girl who reads books and is very intelligent.



Age: around 1980-2001

Height: around 155cm -158cm

Weight: around 43kg

Type of nationality: A beautiful girl from Autralia

He said he wants to get married around the age of 35.

Kids: wants 1 boy

1) Someone who is pleased with his music and has common interests with him.

2) Someone who can be casual in fashion. A girl who loves wearing Jordans with denim jeans or shorts.

3) A girl who is always positive and calm and always assesses the situation before judging.

4) Someone who will support him in his career no matter what the stakes are. She would have to bring food to him while working.

5 ) Someone who loves to rather stay indoors than party outside.

6) Someone who would be simple and casual and would rather talk with him rather than party and drink all night long.

7) Someone who will make him laugh all the time.

8) Someone who will love him with all her heart.

9) She would have to respect his space and privacy and understanding at all times.

10 Someone who can be mature enough to handle her temper and is willing to fix the situation before it gets out of hand.

11) Someone who is not famous at all.



Age: somewhere between 1991-2002

Weight: He said he doesn’t care

Height: around 158cm – 164cm

Type of nationality: A girl from his homeland.

Kids: wants 1 girl and 2 boys.

Jin wants to get married around the age of 31.

1) A girl who can cook many dishes for him.

2) Someone who loves anime and Disney characters.

3) Someone who is very affectionate and tender hearted.

4) Someone who is very cute, attractive, mature, and positive at all times.

5) Someone who is very appealing, has a great sense of humor and sociable.

6) Someone who wears minimal makeup, wears oversized sneakers and shirts.

7) Someone who is very soft spoken and feminine.

8) Someone who loves puppies the way he does.

9) Someone who can cuddle with him when its very very cold.

10) Someone who would allow to be taken care of at all times.



Age: around 1990-1999.

Height: around 161cm-164cm.

Weight: around 45kg.

He said he wants to get married by the age of 30.

Kids: wants 3 fabulous kids, 2 boys and 1 girl.

5 kids if there’s time, 4 boys and 1 girl.

Type of nationality: Someone from the Philippines. 

1) Someone who has a lot of energy and is fun to be with.

2)She has to have long sexy hair, mature in thinking, unique in her ways, charming and very appealing, loves to wear skirt/pants.

3) Someone who can also take care of his parents the way she takes care of her own.

4) Loves a girl who would care for him no matter what and always looks at him.

5) Wants a girl that is comfortable in her own fashion without copying others.

6) A sweet girl who can make him a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle with him.

7) Someone who can save and provide to her parents rather than spending on un practical things.

8) A girl that is always ready to give something to someone who is in need and who loves kids as well.

9) A girls look wouldn’t be his preference as long as she has the best heart and personality.

10) Someone who would be intimate with him, who would love him for who he is and not because he’s famous. Someone who will be with him no matter his status in life is.



Age: between 1991, 1993, and 2003

Height: around 158cm -161cm

Weight: around 40kg

Type of nationality: prefers Australian girls

He wants to get married by the age of 35/36.

Kids: would want 3 boys

1) A very kind and sincere girl who would love him for who he truly is and not for what he has become.

2) That girl should be: smaller (than 170 cm), Long straight and silky hair. Other hairstyle looks: very loose bun, very short and wavy hair or maybe a half up hairstyle.

3) A big hearted and caring girl.

4) Someone who wears minimal makeup. Wears amazing feminine colors, someone who would stand out without the overuse of makeup.

5) He loves girls who can cook and surprise him.

6) Someone who could provide comfort and strength for times that he would need it.

7) Someone who will always cuddle with him and leave her heart with his.

8) A girl who would take selcas with him and would never say no for taking photos.

9) He also does not like shy girls, Says he wants a girl that would flirt with him when he he shows off his moves.

10) A girl that would never hide her personality and always be true to herself no matter what.



Age: around 1994-2000

Height: around 170cm

Weight: around 45kg

Type of nationality: A beautiful Japanese girl

He said he wants to end up being married around the age of 100

Kids: wants 1 girl and 1 boy.

1) He said he likes younger girls but actually is more attractive to older women.

2) Wants a girl who has fair skin who uses a fair amount of makeup only.

3) Someone who can wear the same fashion taste as his.

4) A girl who can wear oversized shirts.



5) He said he wants an older lady to teach him new things.

6) He said he wants a noona who can impress him with her matureness.

7) Someone who can be protective over him.

8) Someone who likes to play games with him,

9) Someone who is very confident and not afraid to do what they please.

10) A girl who can cook and care for him.


So now for the ultimate question, do you fit in any of the BTS members’ ideal types? If so, it’s time to fly out to Korea ✈🇰🇷

& Don’t forget to comment below if you think you match any of their ideal types 💕

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