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We all know or at least heard of BTS but, when was the last time we actually appreciated them? To show our boys we appreciate them, I decided to write this appreciation post about our amazing leader RM, AKA Rap Monster!

Funny, handsome, silly, goofy, the list goes on and on.. The talented RM is the leader of K-Pop boy band, BTS (For those who didn’t know). RM was the first member of BTS to get chosen. He used to do underground rap before joining BTS. The soon to be 24 year old rapper recorded with various artists such as, Wale, Warren G, Nicki Minaj, and much more. He was able to learn the English language by watching the popular TV Show “Friends” (what a feat). He also mentioned that his favorite character in the show was Chandler, played by Matthew Perry. He is also a fan of the romance shown between Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).

Before RM’s success, it was a rocky road. BTS was on the verge of debuting without one of its crucial members. His mother was not supportive of him pursuing music, and the list goes on.

Before the debut of BTS, it is said that J-Hope had left the group briefly. Caring of the members, RM was successfully able to bring J-Hope back, stressing that he was going to be a crucial member. Can you imagine that? BTS without J-Hope.. Thanks RM!

It was also stated that RM’s mother had once destroyed his computer and mic in hopes of RM studying more than playing or recording music.

That never stopped RM. He had convinced his mother asking her, “ Would you rather have a son that’s in 1st place, or a son that’s in 5000th place?”. Luckily, his mother has given her approval and then BOOM, BTS’ fame and success had exploded.

All in all, let’s never forget everything RM has done for the group. Always appreciate every little thing about RM! Let’s go BTS!! #ARMY4Life

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