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My love for BTS is never ending. From the little things like silly faces, to their bromances, and one of the most important.. Fashion.

I always try my best to keep up with BTS but, there’s SOO much! Everything about them makes my heart melt >(*o*)< KYAAAAAAA


As seen in multiple interviews, we can see our Bangtan boys wearing flashy clothes, regular ordinary looking clothes, baggy clothes, and it goes on and on and on..

Gucci, Calvin Kleinn, Givenchy, Supreme, are a few of the brands we see them wearing in the airport, stage and etc
We also see the boys wearing chrome hearts (even the jewelry they wear sounds fancy shmancy~)

Anyways, I can go on for hours and hours about all the clothes they were but…

I made a list of my favorite top 5 outfits worn by our oppas. From airport fashion, to daily fashion, and stage fashion.


1 . Saint Laurent, and Givenchy.

This is by far my favorite… I mean, who DOENST like men in suits? 😍

2. C.K, Versace, and more.

DENIM DENIM DENIM.. My second favorite, they all look like aegi’s (babies) in their outfits!

3. Off White

They look like angels in all this white

4. Gucci

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang~~~

5. Last but not least, Diesel, Kenzo, and more~

Omo.. They look like such bad boys 😍


They all look like fashionistas, and i JUST CAN NOT GET ENOUGH. They look good in anything and EVERYTHING. The boys can rock any type of hair color, clothes, jewelry.. HECK they even look good making their silly faces.. Is it possible NOT to love them?!?! They never stop to make my heart flutter.. The fashion used during stage performances, interviews and EVERYTHING are soo good… Anyways, that was a list of my favorite outfits worn by the BTS Oppas~ Thank you for reading, and tune in for more daily updates on our Boys~ #ARMY4Life

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