BTS: Romance or Bromance?


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We’ve all seen silly and goofy sides of BTS. As far as we know, they’re all playful and silly and VERY close with each other! Although they’re superstars, we can’t forget that they’re also young adults. Due to their close relationships, it makes us stop to think.. Do our boys have anything going on with each other 🤔 We’ll let you guys decide after seeing these videos and photos of some of our favorite BTS ships!

Suga x J-Hope

The ultimate rapping duo~ Always have each others back!

Suga x JK

“Let’s see who to bother today..” 🤔

Suga x V

The best hug is the back hug!

Suga x Jimin


Kind of looks like this picture was forced 😅


V x Jimin

Wink, duck face, smile, our boys are adorable


J-Hope x V

Our boys look adorable in this pose~


V x Jimin

The intense looks they give each other..

V x Jungkook

Our boys looks so cute posing!

Jungkook x RM


They just can’t keep their hands to themselves!!

Jimin x Jungkook

The Maknae is always irresistable~

Here’s some Bonus pictures of bromances BTS might have with other celebrities!~

BTS x John Cena

Even John Cena, the WWE legend can’t get enough of BTS~

BTS x Shawn Mendes

Rumors of a collaboration… Could this be the start a of new Bromance between the superstars?! 😲

Okay, maybe it doesn’t make you stop to think but, it does make you stop and adore them. It never gets old seeing BTS have such a close brotherly type of friendship. The bromances they have within the group isn’t enough so, it spread even to John Cena and, Shawn Mendes!

Here’s some more pictures we found of BTS Bromances :

What an expression.. Captivating

Goofing around~

Duck face? BTS Edition~

The way he grabs his head.. HOT

Even if they’re sweaty, Our boys are so hot!

Pucker up~~

Let’s keep supporting our boys so, they can accomplish more! Tune in for more of your Daily BTS updates~

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