Beyond the Scene: Who are they? Why are they so HOT in the US?


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Previously known as “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, BTS is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics right now. They have been sweeping the entertainment industry like a storm in both South Korea and America. Consisting of 7 members, the boy band have been breaking records worldwide. With a huge fan base known as ARMY, they have been nominated for the top social artist.  They have ranked No. 1 on Billboard twice, selling over 1,900,000 albums.

Although talented young singers and dancers, that’s not the only reason they got famous. Their personalities play a key role in their fame. It’s hard not to like them when their so goofy and considerate of their fans

Here’s a few things that we should NEVER forget :

Donations / Acts towards Charity : 

1. MEAT!!!

BTS Suga had made a HUGE donation.

During a fan meeting, he had asked what the fans wanted to eat. They replied with “gogi” (Meat in Korean). He promised that later on when he becomes successful and makes money, he’d buy fans meat. Instead of buying one or two fans food, he had donated approximately $19,000 worth of first class Korean beef to 39 different children facilities… Wow!

2. Sewol Ferry

With intentions of keeping it a secret, it had been said that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment has donated 100 million won (approx $85,000). The group had originally planned to donate to the victims of Sewol and their families anonymously. A representative from Big Hit entertainment had confirmed the donation and also stated, “From what i know, they planned to keep the donation private because they believe that you don’t make donations so that you can tell people about it. The members of BTS made the decision [to make the donation] and because we see this is a personal matter, we don’t think it’s right for us to speak on the matter in depth.” Fan see this donation as more than just a donation, as there was a “blacklist” that was form by the government to silence idols on this matter. Many view this act of kindness as an action that shows that BTS really wants to help the world become a better place, and that BTS will always speak on matters that other people are too shy to speak of, in hopes of addressing these matters and helping everyone come together towards love and peace.


BTS is known to be supportive of gay/lesbian rights and other sensitive topics. They have also gotten together with UNICEF in hopes for raising money for children and young people who suffer from violence. They have been successful in raising over $1 million dollars! The chief of UNICEF had personally thanked them and, posted a tweet thanking BTS and ARMY.

Goofiness :

A lot of us “ARMY’s” know BTS as a goofy group that does silly thing.. Another reason why we can think their fame and success sky rocketed.

  1. Knocking over tables at award shows. In this video here, we can see a table getting knocked over accidentally.. surprised it wasn’t the “destroyer” knocking it over..
  2. Well… rather than listing everything out (it would take months to cover even a quarter of their silly moments).. Here are some videos we think can show you how their personalities may attract fans!

    A little “NamJin” compilation~



Awards and Achievements : 

  1. First win on a music show, May 5, 2015. Win on “The Show”.

In an Interview, BTS had stated that the goal at that time was to win on a music show. Not long after, they had won on 1st place on “The Show”. Shortly after, BTS Suga had stated that the weight of the trophy was heavy. In terms of keeping a standard for the music that they would release, they would work more and even harder to make even better music.

2. All-Kill

The following year, BTS had won 1st place on not just 1 chart but, ALL charts such as, Genie, MNET, Melon, Soribada, Olleh, Bugs, and more! Achieving this feat is considered extremely difficult in all of K-Pop, but BTS pulled this off.

3. Billboards Top 100

Being the first K-Pop group to ever reach to Billboard Top 100, BTS continues to break records. Starting of with the Social awards, BTS had beaten a few superstars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and more. Not letting their growth and improvement stop there, they earned a spot in the Top 10, Billboard 200. Through their journey, one of their greatest achievements were the Billboard’s Hot 100.

Overall, BTS is simply AMAZING. Their journey hasn’t been an easy one but, it seems like things are getting A LOT better! Let’s continue to support BTS so they can get more successful and continue making GREAT music! Also, don’t forget to follow [social media pages] for BTS updates~~ Thanks for reading, and tune in for more!

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