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It was announced on September 13, that BTS would be releasing 3 songs on November 7th. Bird, Fake love and airplanes part 2 would be released ahead of the Japan tour.

The song was to be written and produced by lyricist Yasushi Akimoto. However, after hearing about this, many Korean fans were against this as they believe he (Akimoto) is a “right-winger”. In the past, he has upset many Koreans with the costumes that were worn by AKB48 in their performances with the “Rising sun flags”.

<img src="" alt="AKB48 performing with "Rising Sun" Flags on their costumes">

After the announcement that Akimoto would write and produce the songs for BTS’ track Bird, many fans responded by telling Big Hit to “wake up”, “Don’t sell BTS to japan like that” etc. 


Upon hearing of all the dissatisfactions, Big Hit addressed this issue to the public stating they were going to take everything into discussion, and asked fans to wait until they reached a solution.


Fans had been worried that the image that BTS had worked so hard to make would be ruined if the track Bird had been released. After all, Yasushi Akimoto had many controversies regarding his lyrics perpetuating Misogyny, prejudice/hatred against women. The group AKB48 also had an issue where the costume they used for one of their tracks had been similar to the nazi uniforms. Having many fans imitate their outfits, there were many teens dancing in outfits similar to that of Nazi uniforms.

<img src="" alt="AKB48 back stage with costumes resembling "Nazi" uniforms.">

Luckily Big Hit had announced on September 16, that the track Bird would NOT be released. Instead, they Boy group will be releasing a remix of the track “Idol” (Whew, avoided a possible major crisis..).

<img src="" alt="BTS posing for album picture">

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