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<img src="" alt=WeWearKpop - BTS performing their track 'Idol' on AGT">

BTS is without a doubt, handsome, talented and hilarious. However, one member in particular caught a lot of eye in their most recent performance on AGT (America’s got talent). Dancing with charisma, skills and fiery passion, the guy in red caught the attention of many fans. Performing their new song “Idol”, everyone has been fan girling over Jimin. In his red suit, he really looked like he was the on fire. His overflowing passion and the hard work he did can be seen throughout this performance. Towards the end of the performance, the seven member group has performed the “#IDOLCHALLENGE” that has swept the internet like a storm. Fans can be seen screaming with so much passion and emotions in their performance clips. What an amazing performance….


At the end of the performance, judge Howie Mandel declares that he is officially an ARMY. Fellow judge member Heidi Klum was lucky enough to take a selfie/video together with the boys. Her captions says “Look who I’m here with – I’m here with BTS! Very exciting!” while smiling brightly (who can blame her?).

Can i just say.. .Thank you Jimin, for that performance… and for that suit 😍

<img src="" alt="WeWearKpop - BTS' Jimin Posing as he performs on AGT">

<img src="" alt="WeWearKpop - BTS' Jimin performing track 'Idol' on AGT">

Click below to watch their breathtaking performance!


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