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September 16, 2018 was the second and last concert held by BTS in Fort Worth, Texas. As always, BTS never cease’ to amaze fans with their powerful and heartfelt performances. Dancing with so much passion and singing their hearts out.

Fans were waiting eagerly in line minutes, hours before the concert. Some even set up tents and slept overnight just to see the seven member group perform. One fan commented that, even at 5 A.M, there were over 500 people on line outside the venue waiting to go inside. I guess that’s no surprise, ARMY’s go hard!


Fort Worth, Texas, is a rather small arena, holding roughly 13,500-14,000 seats. Normally BTS’ concert tickets would be sold out within hours. However, this time around, it was sold out within minutes with resale prices of about $2,000.


As time went by, it was finally time for ARMY to go inside the venue. Stepping inside, the sound of fans singing aloud to the videos projected took over the arena. With some fans checking out/turning on their “bombs” (glow sticks). These glow sticks were made to synchronize with with the live stage (of BTS) and the seats fans had (by scanning their tickets, and connecting these glow sticks to their phones, it would light up a certain way/color).

<img scr="" alt="BTS' Jin projected on a big screen during a concert">

As fans were waiting, a few minutes past 8, the large BTS logo opened like a horizontal door with the boys coming up a floor trap from underneath the stage. As the boys became more visible, so did the screams of thousands for fans… The loud screaming and shrieking was almost deafening. The loud screams were supposedly louder than the music itself.


BTS started their performance with the song “Idol”. It was clear that BTS feeds off the energy, and the fans feed off the boy’s energy.. BTS would get more energetic as fans screamed and sang along. As the song ends, the boys introduced themselves, quickly, while panting, trying to catch their breaths. The interaction they had with fans seemed genuine, like it was coming from the bottom of their hearts. Between the songs, the lights would turn off as the boys went backstage to prepare for the next song. The screaming would only get louder and louder. Chanting, singing.. ARMY was definitely heard during this performance.

<img src="" alt="Matthew Mcconaughey seen attending BTS concert">

<img src="" alt="Matthew Mcconaughey enjoying BTS concert">

Hollywood actor, Matthew Mcconaughey was seen enjoying the performance as well! Dressed in a casual outfit with a shirt and jeans, fans tweeted about the star and his family listening as BTS went on with their fierce performances. (It’s not surprise since BTS are superstars now~).


From the general things like their choreography, to the little things, merchandise and interaction with fans, BTS never disappoints. They make sure the little things are never forgotten, allowing ARMY’s to listen with the best experience. The boys are only going to get better and better.. Let’s continue to support them! Tune in more for BTS updates! Thanks for reading~

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