What to expect from ARMY’s at a concert.


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It’s a normal day, beautiful weather, not too much clouds, nice breeze except… there’s a BTS Concert!!


Now what can you expect on the day of the concert from the ARMY? We all know that the ARMY are die-hard BTS fans that support them with everything they do. They all have BTS’ back, and always want the best for them.


Now, a few things you can expect..

Large crowds at the venue. Fans will camp out for hours, days even, to get in line for the concert. There can be a long time of fans waiting to get inside the venue. If not, you can see large crowds of ARMY’s singing/dancing along to BTS. You can even chat with other ARMY’s and make new friends!

Some fans will arrive hours before to try and buy a general admission ticket. BTS concert tickets are sold out usually within hours after they’re available. You can always try to buy a ticket through a secondary market (like stubhub). Only problem is.. It’s Pricey. You can expect them to go for at least $450. It’s no surprise they’d be so expensive… They continue breaking records, they outsold The eagles, Beyonce, Jay Z, Journey, and Def Leppard.

You may literally see a line of people in sleeping bags, on their phones, chatting or even sleeping.

Fans will get to the venue 5 hours… or even 10 hours before the concert to get in line so they can get merchandise..


Which leads me to the next thing to look out for…

Merchandise. The BTS merchandise always seems to be sold out minutes after fans are allowed to shop around.. ARMY’s will also be willing to spend well over $500 on merchandise such as t-shirts, sweaters, posters, “bombs” (glow sticks) and etc. There’s even some cases where fans said they were ready to spend $900!!

Next time you go to a BTS concert, and you’re lost.. Just look for a large crowd singing to BTS and you’ll know you arrived haha. Or maybe even a line of people camping out or sleeping in sleeping bags~ Anyways, thanks for reading! Tune in for more BTS updates!

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