BTS : First K-Pop group to address the UN


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September 24th, 2018, will be another day BTS makes history. It has been announced that the septet is set to deliver a speech at the UN. The speech will be three minutes long. They will be speaking for the launch ceremony of “Generation Unlimited”, and global partnership by the UNICEF.

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UNICEF will work with different groups of partnerships for General Unlimited. The new campaign will “expand young people as the transition from adolescence to adulthood”. People from the ages 10 – 18 will be the center of attention for this new campaign. BTS had joined this campaign in 2017, to establish Love Myself in hopes to end violence towards the youth. The sales the boy group acquire will all be donated to the campaign. It has been reported that they have already raised roughly more than $1 million.


During the three minute speech, leaders and diplomats from south korea (as well as the rest of the world) will be present. It has been said that the First Lady of South Korea Kim Jung Sook will be present as well.

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On this day, BTS will continue breaking records and creating history. August of 2018, the group had broken the record set by Taylor Swift, with more than 45 million views on Youtube. In May of 2018, BTS’ album topped the Billboard 200 Chart, making them the first k-pop group to achieve this feat. Now, on the 24th of September, BTS will be the first K-Pop group to speak to the UN.

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