UPDATE : Suga drops remix of ‘Seesaw and, I Need U.


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BTS once again shows us that they are simply.. AMAZING. Even with their busy schedules, they never stop surprising us. From their tour, to appearing on shows like GMA, or the The Late night show starring Jimmy Fallon, to their speech to the UN, they always seem to find a way to please fans. Somehow, BTS member Suga found time to drop a remix of Seesaw and, I Need U. Working with collaborators BTS works with often, Hiss Noise and, PDogg, Suga had produced this mashup remix of Seesaw and I Need U. The remix left ARMY’s in tears of joy! Netizens have been posting tweets about how the remix left them in awe, and brought them down memory lane to the beginning of BTS’ journey.

Listen to the remix above! Tell us what you think about it. Post your reactions in the comments below! Tune in for more BTS updates and Thanks for reading!

P.S. – Jungkook did a WONDERFUL job with cover! Props to kookie!~ 😍

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