BigHit under fire, Korean BTS fans harassed!


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Although BTS goes through hard times, they’re not the only ones who go through hard times. There are times even the fans go through hard times. Whether it’s just negative people trying to make the ARMYs feel bad, or its the ARMY members sharing the pain felt by BTS.

However, in this case, ARMY members are getting harassed at BTS’ own CONCERT… Even though BTS wishes the best for their fans, it seems the security guards at the venues don’t think the same way. It also seems like there’s 1 type of fans that experience it the worst… Female, Korean BTS fans.

Korean fans are getting accused of hiding cameras in their clothes, such as skirts, shirts, or bags. Without having concrete evidence of the fan having cameras, security guards stop fans, telling them (not even asking) to open their bags, or searching them. The fans would ask why, and guards would try to avoid the question by repeating their statement over and over, (i need to search your bag) before informing the fans.

Of course people may think, “it’s just the guards doing their jobs. What’s the big deal?” We compiled a list of times fans had it rough. Take a look, and and see for yourself how bad it can get : 

  1. Discrimination?

This fan was expressing how she feels Korean fans are getting discriminated. It seems like only Korean fans are getting treated in this disgusting manner,


2. Hair pulled, Hit by stick?!

“Grab and pull our hair? (Big Hit Entertainment) Pull up our skirts? Hit our chests with sticks? Go through our bags? Take our expensive cameras? Take us to the bathroom and touch us? #BigHit_Powerhouse_??? Do Korean fans have no rights?”

This fan was expressing her frustrations from the wrong doings of the security guards. Who can blame her?

3. “You’re Korean right?”

<img scr="" alt="BTS' ARMY story of getting 'harassed' during security check">

Guards had actually pulled this fan out of line and asked, “You’re Korean right? Let me check your bag.”

There are more cases when fans felt like they were getting harassed or discriminated. After reading this, what do you guys think? Do you think fans are just overreacting? Are fans taking it the wrong way? Although fans may go through this, there are also many fans taking the side of security guards. Share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more BTS related posts~


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