BTS and Jimmy Fallon get familiar with each other!


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On September 25, 2018, BTS and Jimmy Fallon gets familiar with each other! BTS had landed in New York before concluding their tour in New Jersey.

With the members (Fallon included) taking turns dancing, the group of 8 cover the popular dance moves shown in the popular game Fortnite.

With member JHope starting off, he kills the “Orange Justice” dance! Smiling away, he does the silly dance. Suga taking the lead after, he does the “Tidy” dance. Walking in confidently, he seems to enjoy himself as he dances away.

V takes the stage with the “Flapper”. Continuing the silly dance, we can hear one of the members saying its similar to a gag (that they’re familiar with).

The Host, Fallon, then takes it away. As the members watch in anticipation, Fallon kills the stage as he does the “Zany.”  

As the video goes on, we hear fans erupt in screaming. It’s no wonder why.. Jimin shuffles away as he does the “Electric Shuffle.” And he looks adorable doing it!

Jungkook make it extremely difficult not to love him. He does the “Best mates” dance and makes you want to be best mates with him as he shows his silly moves.

(They cover more dances)

<img scr="btsandjimmyfallon.jpg" alt="BTS and Jimmy Fallon doing the Fortnite Floss dance">

We can all see the goofiness of everyone here as they cheer each other on with their moves~

Jimmy Fallon becomes a member of BTS as he learns the steps to the “IDOL” dance. 

<img src="" alt="BTS and Jimmy Fallon goofing around during the 'Fortnite Challenge'">

When the 7 members first come on the show, it looks like Jimmy and Jimin have an unexplainable bond! With their names sounding similar, Fallon seems to be wearing a BT21 yellow headband worn by Chimmy. Fallon later says he had to since their names sounds similar. They then hug each other while laughing. Is this the start of a new bromance?!

"img src="" alt="BTS Getting interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon'">

RM is asked how he felt while delivering the speech to the UN. He says that its was nerve racking (who can blame him?). He also comments on how he was so nervous that his hand was shaking. He states that if you watch the video, you can see his hand shake.

The septet is then asked what their dreams are. RM says that his is to be humble. He then points the spotlight to Suga, saying he has a dream. Suga then says he wants to go to Grammy. Fallon initially had trouble understanding but, RM says he wants to get a Grammy award. Laughing, Fallon supports him saying “Let’s do it” and attempts to start a new hashtag, “#BTSgrammy”! Hopefully, they can reach their goals!

BTS end their interview as they go into a fierce performance of “IDOL”. They stage presence was energetic as usual. Fans went crazy. Their stage outfit was unique but, as always, the septet were able to pull it off. 😍

<img src="" alt="BTS and Jimmy Fallon having a blast during the 'Fortnite Challenge'">

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, lets support BTS so they go to Grammy! 🤣 Tune in for more of BTS posts!

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