BTS appears on GMA for the first time!


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September 26, 2018, BTS has appeared on “Good Morning America” for the first time! As the boy band come on the stage, the Hosts (Robin Roberts and, Michael Strathan) greets them with Hugs and Handshakes. The fans ERUPT, screaming in excitement. What a greeting..

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As the group gets settled in, they move right into the talk everyone has been waiting for. BTS is asked how it felt speaking to the UN. RM replies, saying he practiced over a thousand times. He thinks he did okay but, on the video of his speech, he points out that you can see his hand shaking. He felt that his hand was shaking over a thousand times a second… (It would be pretty nerve-racking 😨) He also comments that, it was the best moment of his life. What an accomplishment! Well done BTS!

BTS is then asked how it feels to be in NYC. The hosts commenting how NY love them and, they love NY. Jhope then cuts in saying “We love Times Square!!!!” with a silly movement after. Very cute Jhope! The hosts chimes in, saying how she loves the different personalities of each and every member! (Who doesn’t?!)

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They then talk about the message behind their latest album, “Love yourself : Answer”. Leader RM answers on behalf of the group, breaking down the album. They think the key to true love begins with Loving yourself. They believe as you start learning to love yourself, you can begin to love others. As a “reminder” to the young generation, they released this album hoping it would remind people, True love begins with loving yourself. As the interview comes to an end, the hosts then compliment BTS, complimenting them, and saying they love the messages and inspiration they give.

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Watch here, as host, Michael Strathan becomes the final member of BTS 🤣 (Also the full interview)

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