BTS to come out in popular game amongst teens?!


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BTS makes another achievement. Fans went wild after BTS did the Fortnite challenge with Jimmy Fallon. 

<img src="" alt="WeWearKPOP - BTS and Jimmy Fallon doing the 'Floss Dance'">

However, fans REALLY went off when they found a leaked emote on Fortnite. The emote was first leaked when Fortnite : Battle Royale Leaks posted a video of it.

Named the “Smooth Moves”, it might look like a normal dance but… true ARMY’s would recognize it in a second. The emote having dances of “Fire”, “DNA”, “Mic Drop”, “Save Me”, and “Blood, Sweat and Tears” bunched up into one, the boy band has another online emote made after them. Well done boys! 👏

Continue supporting the boys so they can keep achieving more! Tell us what you think of the emote, in the comments below! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more BTS updates!

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