The most underrated member of the group.


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One of the most underrated members of BTS is Jin. We don’t see that much spotlight on him but, we compiled a list of reasons why he’s the best. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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-He loves animals, he had a dog (but died 2017) and, he owns 2 sugar gliders

-Jin has his own Mukbang show called “Eat Jin”. However, he does not talk much other than presenting the dish he’s eating. He only eats on it.

-He likes to wiggle

-He has a unique talent where he can open packaged things like snacks with his toes

-Although he has a lot of feminine nicknames (like princesses, mother, etc), he feels uncomfortable when fans call him that.

-He is known to have a very nice personality. Three words that would describe his personality best would be : Caring, Humble, and Funny.

-A professional plastic surgery doctor stated that Jin has a ‘perfect face’- His facial features are just right for his facial structure. (Pretty obvious, since he’s known as “worldwide handsome”).

-He is the oldest member but, he likes acting like the maknae (youngest), so he got a new nickname: “MADNAE.

-He was once nicknamed “Ctrl + V” because he was the only one who was able to control Taehyung (V).

-He is very talented, he can play the guitar and piano

-His favorite animal is the alpaca.

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These reasons are a short list. Of course, there are a lot more! Jin is one of the most underrated members of BTS, and I personally think he does not get enough spot light. Nevertheless, We still love you Jin!!! You will forever be our princess ❤️

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