Chaos in Newark… Tears were shed for him.


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Over the last week, BTS has performed twice in New Jersey’s Prudential Center. Both times/days, fans had camped for days in hopes to get a better seat through the general admission (as usual). Another reason fans had camped out was to try their luck to get good BTS merchandise.

As fans had been camping, some of them were in for a surprise. A few lucky fans were allowed inside the venue to see the production crew setting up for Friday’s show.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, fans never left and stood on line (Worthy of the “ARMY” name… they’re soldiers!)

As fans go inside, and the concert starts, the fans erupt in shouting and cheering. To describe it, it was Chaotic. The screams were deafening but that didn’t stop anyone from cheering.

As the performance went on, Taehyung (V), was said to have teared up. It’s no surprise, the idol life is difficult. Or could it have been that he felt the emotions from the fans? Whatever the reason, one thing is certain… ARMY’s were supporting him with broken hearts. Fans were tweeting how they love him, and they’re supporting him.

BONUS : Talk about generous fan service!

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