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Everyone love’s BTS. With all their different personalities and talents, it’s impossible not to love them. People may have their own favorites but, let’s talk about one member in particular. He’s your hope, you’re his hope. He’s J-Hope!

Take a look at this short list we put together. Let’s break down why we love our Hoseok!!

<img src="" alt="WeWearKpop - JHope posing during a concert">

1.He’s a great dancer.

J-Hope shows us a short preview of his dancing. Although he he doesn’t continue the second time, you can see how easily he moves his body while doing the robot dance.

2. His love for MICKEY!!

<img src="" alt="WeWearKpop - JHope's dog, Mickey!">

Although Hoseok has such a bright smile… His dog seems to be the opposite 😢 Nevertheless, Mickey is so cute!

3. Tinashe is ‘down’ for a collaboration with BTS.

J-Hope is known to be very big fan of Tinashe. ARMY’s took it into their own hands. They made sure Tinashe would see BTS. Sure enough, she saw that video (above) and liked it. She then said she is willing to do a collaboration with BTS in an interview.

Though there hasn’t been any talks of it, let’s keep out fingers crossed!

4. His smile.

<img src="" alt="WeWearKpop - JHope posing for a picture, making a bird with his hands">

How can anyone hate such an adorable smile ?! He’s also known to be the “mood maker” in BTS. Its no surprise, seeing how he can be super goofy at times!

5. In My Feelings.

Our Hoseok made it on Drake’s, “In My Feelings” MV! At the 7:36 mark, you can see J-Hope doing the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. He looks so adorable there with his smile!

6. Goofiness

You can see how goofy JHope can get in this video. How can you hate this?!


You’re his hope, He’s your hope. He’s JHope! We’ll let you decide if this small breakdown explains why he’s loved! Share what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out our amazing Facebook Page! Tune in for more of your daily BTS updates and posts!

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Here’s some pictures of Jhope!!

<img scr="" alt="WeWearKpop - Funny face made by Jhope">

<img scr="" alt="WeWearKpop - Our hoseok with his fellow bandmates!">

<img scr="" alt="WeWearKpop - Cute face made by Jhope!"


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