“They’re a bunch of boy bands from Korea”


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Netizens are stormed with anger since the news broadcast aired. News anchor Kendis Gibson is said to have belittled and degrade superstars BTS.

Kendis Gibson, a news anchor for ABC news, is under fire from ARMY’s all over the world. While covering the BTS speech to the UN, the news anchor is seen to throw belittling comments regarding BTS.

Take a look at the clip below :

As he introduces BTS, he comments that, “Fans are used to the boy spreading their legs like this”. As the clip goes on, towards the end of RM’s speech, Gibson throws a comment “That’s so poetic” in a sarcastic tone.

He also repeatedly states “It’s a boy band from Korea”, and ending the segment with an unnecessary comment. “They’ve got choreographed dance moves.” ARMY’s were not having that. Users tweeted about this incident, demanding an apology.

<img scr="https://wewearkpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Screen-Shot-2018-10-02-at-1.25.19-PM.png" alt="WeWearKpop - An angry Korean ARMY comment regarding news anchor throwing belittling, and xenographic comments towards BTS."

The reply to this comment says : “I am getting very angry this morning. Army’s, let’s unite. How can someone with ignorant thoughts like those be a news anchor? They must live their life being misinformed.”


Fans have even posted comments on tweets he posted that is not relevant to this issue. Click here to see the full post.


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