The Golden Maknae breaks down in tears..


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After ending their tour in North America with a bang, an announcement was made stating BTS’ Jungkook will not be perform the choreography for the concert. Instead he would perform while sitting down (Singing). It was said the maknae had collided with floor furnishing 2 hours after the rehearsal. Luckily, the injury was NOT severe. Listening to his medical staff’s advice, he had sat out of the choreography.


As frustrating as it could’ve been, the Golden Maknae had done well to perform while sitting! It would’ve been horrible if the injury got worse!


It was so unbearable for him that he breaks down during Anpanman!

He even gives a very emotional apology and reason, as to why he was crying.. 😢


Although, he might’ve missed the choreography for these concerts, its okay! He deserved a short break! There’s so many things that Jungkook does that gives him the privilege of sitting down 🤣

Take a look!

Like the time he saved a life. Bet not a lot of us knew that! (I know I didnt, I recently found out too!)

The MC still says, “Thank you” to him, when he sees him! 😂


He still so young yet, he accomplished so much! (Read here)


Last but not least… He’s the GOLDEN MAKNAE!!!

<img src="" alt="Jungkook wearing a fluffy, rabbit ear, headband during fan signing event!">


<img src="" alt="Jungkook signing an autograph while wearing cute hat with ears sticking out and, flowers hanging off the ear!">

Boys over flower…? NOPE! He IS a flower!


All in all… It was DEFINITELY okay for Jungkook to sit down (rather than injuring his heel more!). I think it’s safe to assume that we ALL know, Jungkook wanted to perform more than anyone else! Overall, We still think you did great Jungkook! Stay strong! Thanks for reading! Tell us what you think about this incident… Was it okay for Jungkook to sit down during their first performance in the UK? (Well duhhh…but, i just needed a reason to write about Jungkook 😍) Let us know! Comment and share what you think, we want to know!!!

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<img src="" alt="BTS' Jungkook and Jimin fooling around and, making funny faces!">

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