About Us


We welcome you to WeWearKPOP, a family of those who are passionate about all things K-POP. Whether you’re a K-POP music aficionado, meme lord, or just K-POP trash in general, you’ll always find a home here at WWK 🏠💕

1. Is WeWearKPOP a KPOP news source, community, or merchandise store?

All three actually! We’ve created WeWearKPOP to be the ultimate experience for all KPOP fans. If you’d like to write KPOP news or blogs, feel free to let us know and we’ll help you get started. You can also contribute to our forums at anytime!

We want WeWearKPOP to be the ultimate space to freely express yourself and your love for KPOP. Whether that be writing fanfics, breaking news, you’re more than welcome to do that here 😊

2. How can I contribute to the forums?

You can contribute to our forums at anytime ✍ Just create an account here or login to your existing account and head over to our Forum section to get started 👍

3. Can I become a WeWearKPOP news editor?

We welcome anyone who has a creative drive and passion for KPOP to become a news editor 📰 Email us at hello@wewearkpop.com if you’re interested!

4. How can I shop WeWearKPOP merchandise?

You can shop for WWK merchandise through our online shop 🛍

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