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Big hit Responds to Park Jimin's death threats

On July 12, 2018  soompi released an article explaining

"Recently, an Instagram user made posts including a photo of a gun and the statement that they plan to shoot Jimin at BTS’s concert in Los Angeles on September 5. The concert is part of the group’s “Love Yourself” world tour."

Big hit responded “Regardless of the authenticity of the threats, we plan to do our utmost and take all necessary measures in responding to actions that may threaten the safety of the members,” the agency said in a statement. “In the past as well, we made thorough preparations, and the matter was resolved without any actual incident. We plan to prepare while keeping a close eye on the situation.”

What are your thoughts on this? I am curious to know...

I don't like hearing threats towards IDOLS or anyone in general, to me only a sick or hurt person will make such empty or real threats. ARMY should unite to bring to inform authorities about any threats made to BTS members. Lets not forget J-Hope was also threatened.  I thank big hit for them taking action.

My sources I used to write this.

I'm so relieved that Big Hit is taking the necessary actions to stop these mad people... but imagine the emotional trauma it must bring to Jimin & the rest of the members 😭makes me so sad just thinking about it... wish we can send him words of encouragement but I'm sure he knows that us ARMYs always have his back!!!

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