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Hey I'm Anna, a NCT and Wanna One lover 😻

Hihihi, I'm Anna Choi, a NYC Korean girl who's a huge fan of NCT (Taeyong 💓), Wanna One (Kang Daniel keke), and GFriend! Glad to meet ya'll and glad to be part of this community!!!

Things I really like:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Watch K-dramas and entertainment shows (Knowing Brothers tho!!)
  • Watch all types of anime!!!

Feel free to friend me and say hi below, I'm known to be veryyy friendly 😀

Hi Anna!

I'm Katherine, A Texas woman who loves Korean dramas and Kpop idols. I am a hug fan of BTS, BTOB, EXO, Black Pink, Kfellaz, MonstaX, Lee Seung-Gi.

I share a birthday with Jimin ( I am older) my personality is a mix of Namjoon, Jimin and Tae Yung.

Thinks I really like

Anime, Concerts, K-Dramas!!!, Kpop, All the butlers is my favorite variety show at the moment and Orchids... the flower. its my favorite.

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