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Hey I'm Anna, a NCT and Wanna One lover 😻

Hihihi, I'm Anna Choi, a NYC Korean girl who's a huge fan of NCT (Taeyong πŸ’“), Wanna One (Kang Daniel keke), and GFriend! Glad to meet ya'll and glad to be part of this community!!!

Things I really like:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Watch K-dramas and entertainment shows (Knowing Brothers tho!!)
  • Watch all types of anime!!!

Feel free to friend me and say hi below, I'm known to be veryyy friendly πŸ˜€

Hi Anna!

I'm Katherine, A Texas woman who loves Korean dramas and Kpop idols. I am a hug fan of BTS, BTOB, EXO, Black Pink, Kfellaz, MonstaX, Lee Seung-Gi.

I share a birthday with Jimin ( I am older) my personality is a mix of Namjoon, Jimin and Tae Yung.

Thinks I really like

Anime, Concerts, K-Dramas!!!, Kpop, All the butlers is my favorite variety show at the moment and Orchids... the flower. its my favorite.

Well, that's good you came here and try to meet new people and talk to them about different things. You should joinΒ because this is the place where you learn about writing and research and develop new skills.

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