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Mental Health America Thanks ARMY

Mental Health America on July 9 posted a Thank you to ARMY

"Thank you to for your passion! We are so encouraged to see how many people from around the word are unafraid to fight in the open for ! 💚 We hope that is as proud of you as we are.

Mental health America is thanking ARMY for being supportive and vocal about the mental health awareness fight. , it started with @JanssenUS tweeting they would donate $1 for every twt #IcanWithSchiztophrenia to help @MentalHealtAM  from there ARMY picked it up and it spread like wildfire.  This is still going on and is said to end on July 31,2018 the company will donate up $30,000.

This just goes to show that netizens, ARMY, Fans have a voice to and we can help change things. Remember that next time someone stands in the way of change for the better. We are united!

Thanks for viewing, and as always I'd love to hear from you. Tell me what you think!

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